“I Am An Alcoholic”

“Hi, my name is         and I am an alcoholic”…and so goes the introductions as they progress around the A.A. meeting room. Finally, it is your turn to introduce yourself and there is something within you that is resisting having to say those words…”I am an alcoholic.” But in keeping with the expectations of everyone in… Continue Reading

Four Things Jesus Would Do About Addiction

How God addresses addiction is something that would evoke different responses depending on who you ask. There are Christians that would frame addiction only as a sin issue, and thus would point out judgment, condemnation and punishment as God’s rightful and just response. There are others who may see addiction as solely a medical condition,… Continue Reading

7 Things a Woman Needs in a Treatment Program

Women are created with unique and specific needs. When searching for a Christian drug and alcohol treatment program, understanding the needs of women specifically is vital to the long-term success of the program. What specifically should you look for her when searching for a program? #1. Understand a woman’s greatest need is love. There is no… Continue Reading

When Life Hurts

Often times in our recovery process, we go through what seems to be insurmountable struggles as we are learning to live life in our recovery. These struggles can appear in almost every area of our lives: physically, emotionally, relationally, vocationally, financially and spiritually. In the midst of all our struggles in recovery, it is very… Continue Reading