Clinical Addiction Treatment

What Is Included in the Clinical Treatment Program at New Life?

Christian Clinical Addiction TreatmentThe term “clinical” simply refers to the overall process that clients engage in to assure a solid program with standards, goals and objectives is accomplished. There is no wasted time. Every hour in each day holds significant value and purpose as clients are working on a variety of their unique treatment objectives. Over 90 percent of our clients complete these goals and have a successful program outcome. That’s because our program is engaging, informative, interesting and most important spirit-led. There is nothing more compelling then being brought into a redemptive process with God where clients can truly understand that as they deal with their issues, God is able to tranform them from the inside-out. Here’s some of the key program activity clients can expect.

Comprehensive Assessment: Clients are asked to participate in an in-depth assessment process where we can clearly learn and address their unique needs and circumstances. Through this assessment, we can develop a program that is individually catered to their needs. The assessment can at times involve more extensive findings that will require medical assistance.

Mental Health Assessment for Co-occurring
New Life Spirit Recovery treats people in the area of body, soul and spirit. We believe each area requires a proper assessment and needs an effective solution. Why we are different from most programs is that we don’t place a pharmaceutical solution onto an emotional or spiritual problem. When addressing co-occurring clients, there are oftentimes physiological imbalances and deficiencies that can mimic the symptoms of a psychiatric disorder (click here to read an article by Dr. Schuder). Our goal is to untangle the root cause of any symptoms, using medication only as a last resort. We treat emotional issue through intensive counseling, and promote spiritual freedom through prayer, bible studies, spiritual workshop and other Christian materials. Physical problems are first diagnosed through the use of exhaustive panels of blood, urine and saliva. Then through a methodical process of elimination, treatment options are given. In some cases, clients need vitamins and other nutritional supplements; in other cases, a medication may be prescribed based test result. Our doctor uses facts, not assumptions to learn how to assist a person with the best opportunity to live a life free from addiction.In totality, New Life is looking to bring a person into balance emotionally, spiritual and physically, looking at rooted issues in each area, and applying the correct remedy.

One-on-One counseling: Clients go through the in-depth counseling process with qualified counselors that have both state-certified qualifications and ministry degrees or licenses in counseling. The counseling is entirely related to those specific events and issues that have influenced them. This process is the core of the entire program. A minimum of three sessions are held per week.

Christian Addiction Treatment ClassroomClasses: The classes are intensive education about life and relationships. The directors of New Life have written the core of our nationally recognized curriculum which is widely used among churches, treatment centers and recovery programs.

All our classes truthfully, yet lovingly deal with the difficult dynamics that lead to addictive behavior and apply spiritual remedies. The classes also deal with the practical aspects of being clean and sober, and offer support mechanisms that can be used in everyday life. Some examples of our classes include:

  • Codependence/relationships: learn healthy versus unhealthy relationship skills and dependency styles through the scope of biblical truth.
  • Family System: Understanding the dynamics of the family and how God created it to function. Understand the way the family system breaks down under the influence of addiction.
  • Health and nutrition: Learn how the physical body needs to be re-aligned and nutrionally fed in order for overall healing and wellness to occur. Classes include nutritional information, healthy cooking and excercise.
  • Relapse Prevention: Learn to address the emotional triggers, develop prevention plans and understand how to cope with the difficult life issues that had normally led to use.
  • 12 steps: Understand the 12 step program and what the steps truly represent. (We attend a Christian-based 12 step meeting) and clients learn about Celebrate Recovery
  • Promises: Learn the promises of God and how they apply to the addict.
  • Bible studies: Extract stories and examples of God’s truth that teach us how to walk by faith, truth in God and rely on His power and resources.
  • Advanced Recovery: Learn the deeper principles of recovery as related to the our spiritual lives. Classes range in topics.

Groups: Group time is for sharing with others. There is a great deal of power in being able to hear how other people are going through the same challenges and what they are doing to overcome them.

Outside meetings, church and bible studies: Clients are participating in outside events every evening, with praise and worship, bible studies or Christian 12-step meetings. These meetings include Christian 12 step programs and church. The church we attend is Free Chapel OC, Saddleback, His Place, Mariners, Rock Harbor and others.

Personal application/homework based: Application is more important than anything. Clients participate in their own program by writing and completing a variety of homework assignments. Clients are completely engaged and involved in all aspects of their program. They will leave with a full understanding of themselves through the perspective of God’s heart.

Comprehensive scheduling: Clients are doing their clinical treatment throughout the day and evening, with some time devoted to prayer, devotion and homework. We allow the schedule to be filled with activity, with enough time for self reflection and time for spiritual meditation with the Lord. These are principles that will need to be transferred into their everyday lifestyle, therefore developing spiritual routine is essential.

Discharge planning: Clients help produce a specific plan of goals upon exiting New Life Spirit Recovery. They also write a relapse prevention plan while in treatment.

Aftercare: New Life offers aftercare to make transitioning out of program more successful. Our family program also assists with making the transition smoother. For an additional cost, counseling can be continued via Skype or in person. In addition, all treatment activities (except for counseling and housing) are made available to our alumni at no extra cost. Alumni can stay as involved as they would like.