Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

(60 and 90 day programs)

PTSD – Bi-polar – Depression – Anxiety

New Life Spirit Recovery treats people in the area of body, soul and spirit. We believe each area requires a proper assessment and needs an effective solution. Why we are different from most programs is that we don’t place a pharmaceutical solution onto an emotional or spiritual problem. When addressing co-occurring clients, there are oftentimes physiological imbalances and deficiencies that can mimic the symptoms of a psychiatric disorder. Our goal is to untangle the root cause of any symptoms, using medication only as a last resort. We treat emotional issue through intensive counseling, and promote spiritual freedom through prayer, bible studies, spiritual workshop and other Christian materials. Physical problems are first diagnosed through the use of exhaustive panels of blood, urine and saliva. Then through a methodical process of elimination, treatment options are given. In some cases, clients need vitamins and other nutritional supplements; in other cases, a medication may be prescribed based test result. Our doctor uses facts, not assumptions to learn how to assist a person with the best opportunity to live a life free from addiction.

In totality, New Life is looking to bring a person into balance emotionally, spiritual and physically, looking at rooted issues in each area, and applying the correct remedy.

About the Doctor:

Doctor Schuder is a world-recognized psychiatrist that works relentlessly to diagnose root causes. She uses in-depth analysis to find the organic cause of any mental health issue before applying a medicinal solution. Dr. Schuder has over 30 years of experience. Her specialties include Addiction Medicine and Neurology.

Read Dr. Schuder’s Paper: 

Dr Schuders Paper NYAS 2005

Dr1.Schuders Article

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How Our Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Admissions Process Works:

  1. An evaluation will be completed by a Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Specialist during the initial intake process at New Life Spirit Recovery and an assessment will be made addressing the whole person; including the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects.
  2. A treatment plan will then be structured to specifically address each one of the needs that surfaced.
  3. If deemed necessary, an additional evaluation and blood work will be completed by a qualified psychiatrist. Psychiatric services are provided as needed, but are not included in the basic addiction treatment package.
  4. Blood work, psychiatrist visits and all medication are additional and will be billed to the client as such. If such services are necessary, a minimum of 60 days in treatment is required so that changes can be monitored effectively.
  5. This option includes a combination of life skills, health, addiction and Co-Occurring classes, groups, and intensive individual counseling. This package also includes an invite to stay in New Life Spirit Recovery’s Guest Home while in treatment.