Am I an Addict?

Addiction comes in many forms and can grip individuals at any stage in their lives. It can be difficult to see yourself in the hands of addiction and even more difficult to accept help. We provide addiction facts and supportive, authentic Christian addiction treatment to not only treat substance and behavioral abuse patterns, but to address and overcome the mindset, history and habits that began this destructive spiral.

Addiction tears us from the things we love and enjoy, clouds our purpose in life, summons hate, shame and degradation, and brings us away from God. Addiction may be a compulsion that rules your life, brings you to the same substance or activity again and again, and you may find it to be your only escape. This may include drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and other behaviors or habits. Regardless of the method, the effects are the same; powerlessness and destruction of the things we care about.

Christian addiction treatment through New Life Spirit Recovery reveals, addresses and treats—during the program and for the rest of your life—addiction in all forms. Make the first step and ask yourself; am I an addict? Learn more about each addiction and about recovery treatment plans below.

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