Breaking Point A Christian Guide To Addiction Intervention
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by Robert and Stephanie Tucker



You've tried everything, and you feel worn down and worn out. When nothing has worked, and when your hope is failing, how you can find security and wisdom to intervene? Addiction doesn't have to control you. You can gain sanity by securing a Christ-centered perspective of healing and hope.

This quick guide will help you gain sanity and develop a perspective of redemption and empowerment as it relates to the addiction cycle. It is written by experts in the field that work in this reality each and everyday. Yet it's not just designed to feed the head intellectually, but to nurture the heart with hope and pathways of healing. Addiction's realities are oftentimes cruel and perplexing. Gain the tools you need to find peace in the midst of the storm; clarity in the midst of confusion.

Is the storm of addiction overwhelming you?

Practical Boundaries

Guided by your decisions

Support yourself

This approach is to help you make the decisions that are right for your situation. Your first and most important step is to make your own healthy choices.

Plan an intervention

Hope for your future


It's easy to lose hope when someone you love is struggling. This guide is meant to help you see beyond your circumstances.

You can begin to learn to set positive boundaries that will aid in your loved one to get help.

Propelled by love

A step to step guide to planning an intervention is included in this material.

Intervention principles need to be inspired by love, thus they involve the heart of God, not simply the rules of "do and don't".

You need to find support and hope, too. Give yourself the opportunity to let God and others into your world.

Robert and Stephanie have spent over a decade helping  families face addiction with redemptive solutions. They have led the industry in formulating Christ-centered tools that offer those struggling with addiction true and lasting change.

Robert and Stephanie authored "Christian Families in Recovery"

Stephanie has authored "The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance"

Robert & Stephanie Tucker

Directors of New Life Spirit Recovery

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