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I had been to three other rehab programs and while they were helpful I still was trapped in my pain and addictions with no way out. The New Life Spirit Recovery team led me through a process of healing, targeting the root causes of my pain that kept me trapped in my addictions. I was loved and accepted exactly where I was, something I had not felt before in my life. This program includes many hours of personal counseling that was centered around love and acceptance. It was a safe place where I could finally begin to heal. Today I have over 3 years of sobriety from alcohol. 

My son is alive, recovered 100% and serving the Lord with all his heart, thanks to New Life Spirit Recovery. I have enough compliments and praise for this place to fill a book! From the 1st day my son arrived until the last day he left, he was treated with respect, dignity and love. With God's help, New Life Spirit Recovery saved my son's life! I would love to thank each and every person who selflessly gives of themselves every day at NLSR. Thank you for giving me my son back!!! I can never say enough!!! -

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I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly. - John 10:10

Addiction is not just a substance problem, but an entire system that takes over the mind, body, emotions, and will. Most addicts medicate pain; thus removing the drugs or alcohol will not remove the pain that created them to use in the first place. Finding a method to resolve those deeper hurts of the heart and to find new way to cope are an essential part of treatment. 

Using a holistic approach, our goal is to nurture relationships with God, self and others through the tools of redemption and restoration. We offer a professional approach that draws from a Christ-centered foundation to grant clients an intensive approach to recovery. We know that addicts need connection, love, grace and an atmosphere of acceptance to begin to work through those deeper areas of injuries. 

Our program centers around relationship healing and learning how to make healthy connections with God and people so that connections to drugs, alcohol or other dysfunctional behavior is no longer necessary. We have a team of professionals including doctors, psychiatrist, coaches, pastors, teachers and master-level counselors committed to the process of genuine freedom and lifelong recovery goals. 

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Triggers have a reason. Finding them and understanding what they say and do is essential. We seek to understand reptitive patterns, behaviors, hurts, and common situations where relapse is most likely to occur.


We are relationally focused treatment program. We believe that addiction is counterfeit comfort and intimacy. Addicts replace the need for connection with people and God onto drugs and alcohol. Thus, our entire program is about restoring connection first spiritually and eventually relationally. 


Clients develop a plan and seek to find their life goals before they leave program. It's vital to find God's purpose and plan.


We assess the severity of addiction with professional tools to find root causes of addiction. We look to find roots through history, trauma and other pertinent information. 


Our goal is to find the "why" of addiction and to heal the areas of pain, hurt and emotional shut down. We ask clients to write a life story to find where sin, trauma, lies and strongholds have taken root. From there, we assign a treatment plan with personalized goals. 


 We teach clients how to find practical skills relevant to day to day living. This includes setting goals, planning, relationships and processes that they can take home once they complete program. 

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Why Choose a Christian Program?

Why choose faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation? The answer is because there isn’t true freedom without Jesus as the center. People have opposing ideas of what it means to use a Christian approach. True freedom, healing and restoration is formed in the character of God’s heart, not by demanding His rules be followed. When people receive freedom, it’s because they encountered a God rich in mercy, and filled with the power they need to overcome. 

What exactly does it mean to be free? Freedom is far more than sobriety. It is a brand new way of life. This includes: 

Freedom to make choices. 

In substance addiction we lost choices. We became enslaved to the drug of our preference, causing our lives to become centered on the next high. When that force is taken away, we are free to chart the course of a better future. 

Freedom to have healthy relationships. 

It is impossible to have a relationship the drugs and alcohol, and in turn have healthy human relationships. Drug and alcohol compete with the ability to experience intimacy and to care with loving concern of the needs of others. God’s love empowers us to love others. It helps us to focus on priorities and reminds us of the perils of a life filled with isolation and fear. 

Freedom to have meaning and joy. 

Each one of us was born with a purpose in this world that was ordained by God. This has to do with our vocation, ministry and family life. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we lost our purpose. We became buried under the addiction’s relentless demands for our time, focus and obsession. When God frees us from addiction, we have the opportunity to explore a new way of life. We get to learn our ourselves, and let God place us in opportunities we can nurture our skills and gifts. 

Freedom to embrace authentic identity minus shame. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Christ-centered treatment lies in the fact that Jesus bore our shame so we don’t have live a life of unworthiness. The blood of Jesus cleanses us the from the inside out. It takes away our bad choices and places graces in the deepest internal caves of pain and struggle. His grace heals us from the hurts of our past, and forgiveness us for the sin in our heart. Rather than feel inadequate or not enough, Jesus claims us as His beloved, and marks us with forgiveness, hope and redemption. 

Freedom to trust in God rather than escape.

True Christ-centered treatment is about a relationship with God. It’s not in performing, rule following or being perfect. It’s know who we are, and to whom we belong. We rest in a God that loves us, and always seeks our best interest. We learn to trust in our Heavenly Father for support, and cling to Him for comfort.

Experience true healing and true peace.

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