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Please don’t take our word for it! We stand by our program and the lives that have been changed forever. These are but a sampling of the hundreds of stories that have come through our center over the past decade. These testimonies are verifiable and some of the clients are even willing to personally share with you their experience. Please ask our crisis intervention counselor for more information.

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by Sarah A., Yelp on New Life Spirit Recovery

I am writing this review for the person reading this who is looking for a solution and answer to the utter desperation, hopelessness, and brokenness they are feeling in life. After 3 DUI’s, numerous issues with the law, and a life full of emptiness, I was at rock bottom. New Life Sprit Recovery changed my life, and until this day, 4 years later, I am still attending weekly bible studies at group sessions there–offered life long to any alumni. When my mom found this place I admit, I didn’t think this “bible thumper” place was for me. I wanted to go to a “real” place I thought. What I found out was, I didn’t’ need to know what I was doing to my body while on drugs and alcohol. I needed to know WHY. The moment I walked in on that day to tour the house, the amount of peace and love that fell upon me was unreal. It was very apparent what was missing in my life. God’s Love. His words of truth, telling me I was worthy, loved, and a daughter of the King. Words I had never ever heard before (yet I called myself a Christian) After the first week, time flew by, chains fell off me, and miracles happened. I loved being there and tried to stay an extra 30 days even! What other “rehab” would that happen at?! It was insane! I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for New Life, I am not sure I would be around today. Every person on staff there is God ordained to be there and true servants of God. Everyone there has been through their own struggles, can relate, and can offer you words of encouragement, advice, and genuine love. Some of my best friends I met there, and know they will be with me to the end. I was in the center with some people who had been to NINE different rehabs, and said nothing had worked and broke their barriers, until then. This place isn’t about being locked down and coddling you for 30 or 60 days. They want to set you free, and find out why you are doing the things you area doing. I never even knew why myself!!By still being connected to New Life, I see lives change daily from people coming and leaving. This place is a blessing to anyone who comes near it and I consider it a privilege to have had the experience I have had through it. If anyone would like to talk to me personally about my experience, please feel free to message me. I wish anyone and everyone could go through New Life. Everyone in this world is broken, some turn to drugs and alcohol, others turn to anger, depression, ect. We all need healing. Some just realize it sooner than later. I know it might be scary, but I promise that if you are reading this, God is working in your life, and if you make the decision, no matter how scary and uncomfortable it feel…you will not regret it! You will be set FREE!

I was born into an addicted home, and all I ever knew was addiction, co-dependency and enabling. Self medicating started for me at age 12 and I was continuing the addictive cycle at age 36 heavily addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol, on the verge of death. I had been to three other rehab programs and while they were helpful I still was trapped in my pain and addictions with no way out. The New Life Spirit Recovery team led me through a process of healing, targeting the root causes of my pain that kept me trapped in my addictions. I was loved and accepted exactly where I was, something I had not felt before in my life. This program includes many hours of personal counseling that was centered around love and acceptance. It was a safe place where I could finally begin to heal. The director and all staff showed the love of Jesus in every aspect of the program and in their personal commitment to each client’s success. My husband, children and I are still involved in the family program, experiencing each day a brand new relationship with one another. Today I have over 3 years of sobriety from alcohol and in June I will have 3 years of freedom from prescription drugs. I believe in this program with all my heart and in the past three years I have sent two people to this program and both of them walk in freedom today. I highly recommend New Life Spirit Recovery.

by Karen, on Google on New Life Spirit Recovery

My family told me that I needed to either get help for my addiction to pain medication or to find another place to live. Not much of a choice – I opted to find help and help I found at NLSR. I walked in the door knowing that I’d be off my pain meds from fibromyalgia, but I discovered that the pain I’d been carrying for over 40 years had me wrecked!! God plucked me out of the depths of despair, hopelessness and loneliness and placed me safely in the arms of loving leaders, strong brothers and sisters in Christ, who showed me God’s love. They took me by the hand and taught me that man is a 3-part being, explained my brokenness, unforgiveness, shame, guilt and anger keep me in bondage, then shared how to get to the root of issues, to identify lies I believed and replace them with the truth – – I AM A PRECIOUS CHILD OF GOD BORN ON PURPOSE FOR A PURPOSE. I was taking 10 different prescription meds before I came to NLSR, 7 when I walked in the door. I had been taking the majority of them in varying combinations and dosages for close to 15 years to treat my chronic myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. I’m down to 3; I never thought I’d be able to say that! Praise the Lord! Because of my hyper sensitivity to light and sound, among others, the first church service we attended was a trip! I thought I was gonna come out of my seat at the volume of the music – good thing I had Kleenex in my purse so I could plug my ears! I certainly couldn’t stand during the entire time they played the music! Now, I’m singing, dancing, raising my hands and WORSHIPPING the King of Kings! I was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as my savior when I was 9. We went to church, Sunday school, fellowship, etc. every week, until I was about 18, but I had no idea how much I didn’t know the Bible! I was actually embarrassed at how little I know. Fortunately, GRACE is practiced here! I would not have considered myself a “baby” Christian, but that’s what I am. I also didn’t know what it meant to have a real, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, although I thought I did. I have had low self-esteem all my life, finding success only in academics and athletics; I was often considered an overachiever. When it came to matters of the heart, however, I rarely felt acceptance, so when I received any amount of attention from men, I’d latch on. This longing for affection resulted in decades of “love life” woes – 2 failed marriages, many failed relationships and countless men. I always seemed to choose the ones with “issues” that I thought I could fix. I was so broken that I allowed myself to be used, abused and taken advantage of, all in the name of love. Now, I feel the love of the Holy Spirit inside of me and I know my value in Christ ~ greater is He who is in me than he who is living in the world. I became a new woman in 90 days due to 1) my renewed relationship with and dependence on Jesus Christ, 2) my heart change – from shame and guilt to forgiveness and grace, from self-doubt and insecurity to confidence and safety, and 3) my transformed mind – – from bondage to freedom!! … where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom 2 Corinthians 3:17

I am not real good on this computer or at giving a review on any thing, but I feel so strongly about NLSR and the folks that run the place, that I knew I needed to. I had been to one of the better known rehab facilities in the country and learned a lot about recovery there.What I needed to learn was about God’s unconditional love for me ..I came to NLSR a sorry self centered alcoholic, drug addict who was using my lousy child hood as an excuse to stay stuck in my addictions.The folks at NLSR teach from their hearts. They all have more degrees than I can count and yet are willing to sit down with anyone and share their knowledge. NLSR has given my wife and I the foundation of a Christ filled life that we build on daily. If you want to get well, pick up your mat and get to NLSR.

I went to NLSR in July 2014 for 30 days for Codependency. It was a life changing experience for me. I learned so much about myself and my relationship with God and Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. The staff is excellent and the curriculum that is used in the treatment process is outstanding. The support that is offered for alumni is unparalleled and in my opinion, priceless. I am continuing to participate in some of the online classes with my husband who went to NLSR for 30 days in September 2014 for addiction recovery. I went during that time as well and met with the family counselor which was very beneficial. I can’t say enough positive things about this facility, the staff and what they teach there…but, it’s not just the head knowledge you get, more than that, it’s the heart change that I experienced that has made such a difference and made such an impact in my life. The entire course of my life has been altered because of my time at NLSR. Praise the Lord!! My husband and I have an incredible future ahead of us thanks to NLSR and God’s grace.

by Chad Pattn, on Facebook on New Life Spirit Recovery

NLSR -Top Notch, I am so thankful for all you have done for me, I miss you guys! I want to say NLSR helped me get it from my head to my heart, they helped guide me through the gates of recovery. For a man that had no will to live, 24 years of addiction and depravity, I showed up nearly dead, in fact they prayed me in to the program after establishing a relationship with my wife after just one information call. I had given up, I was absolutely hopeless with no power of my own to change. I was defeated in every aspect of my life, The staff at NLSR warred for my soul, they went to bat for me and they showed me the way to freedom and new life. They showed me the way to Jesus!! For this I will never be able to thank them enough!! 3 Bob I miss you boss, I miss all of you. Thank you again for believing in God and believing in me! If you are information gathering on this program I encourage you to call, I mean this from the deepest depths of my heart, this program works, if you knew me and could see the profound impact this program has had in my life in total, you wouldn’t hesitate!

by Stacey, 2014 Graduate on New Life Spirit Recovery

“I arrived to New Life Spirit Recovery on Dec. 24, 2013. I was in the darkest time of my of life…. I had relapsed too many times to count and felt that I had disqualified myself from any happiness or quality of life. I was without hope and wishing that my life would just stop. My brother and sister had heard from a friend about NLSR and they talked with me about giving it a try. When I finally agreed to go they put me on a plane to Orange County. With fear and anxiety I got on that plane to start my recovery process. Once I got off the plane, Tracy, the Admissions Counselor, met me at the airport. Tracy sensed my anxiety and was very quick to put it to rest and made me feel that I was at the right place at the right time.As I got settled into the program, initially I was feeling uncomfortable, but as the days went on, God was quickly getting a hold of my heart. It was not long before I was able to surrendered and receive His love and healing. As I went through the program I received new perspectives on what living life was all about and how to allow God to help me to deal with my life issues. I was a Christian for 25 years and I have to say that for the first time in my Christian life I was not only learning about God’s Word, but also about His deep love and adoration for me.About half way through my program I began to feel a sense of hope that I was going to be able to overcome my addictions and be set free. It didn’t take God long to turn my hope into a reality! Half way into my program I was feeling love from God for the first time…and love for myself. After completing the program my life has been filled with more peace, joy and love than I have ever experienced in my life…and with that came a total release of my addictions. If you are looking for a miracle in your life, even if you have tried other programs and are without hope in your addiction, I would encourage you with ALL my heart to not give up and give NLSR a try!”

This program has been a huge help to my recovery process in every avenue. Most of the staff at NLSR have been through the program themselves which was a huge encouragement to me to see living proof that the program does work. It also gave me peace to know that I was not judged because many of the staff members had stood in my shoes once before giving them the better opportunity to help me through the recovery process. I would recommend NLSR in all areas of their program especially in that of the after care they offer. I have been continuing my recovery process out of state and continue to have contact with the staff to encourage further recovery. They have truly shown their genuine care for me and my entire process and have been by my side every step of the way. I feel that they are extremely genuine in their approach and do an excellent job of incorporating Christ throughout the program versus focusing on the things we as patients have done wrong. This approach was far different than any other recovery program I have investigated and in the future I will refer those struggling with addiction to NLSR. Thank you for the opportunity for a new start and a new life!

by NLSR “real” client on New Life Spirit Recovery

I arrived at NLSR, not knowing much about the recovery program, I was drinking very heavily almost to death. I didn’t understand that I was actually trying to drink myself to death on purpose. After a short time I arrived at NLSR, I have learned tremendously about healing. What I needed was spiritual healing. I’ve learned what it is to be in recovery not just the program for addicts. Now I’m living in recovery and in freedom, and now I have spiritual power from the Lord that I’ve never had before. I’ve also learned what spiritual warfare really is and how real it is. I’ve learned how to rely on the Holy Spirit & now I don’t have to fight in my own power. I want to thank everyone in NLSR for my recovery, and giving me the tools for me and also for me to help others in recovery.

by NLSR “real” client on New Life Spirit Recovery

I’ve been going through recovery since I was 25 and now I am 59, 5 different programs, but this is only one that had Jesus in it and now I am clean and sober. Getting baptized was not something you expected at treatment facility, When I got baptized I felt fresh and a new, everything was completely new. Now I’m close to Jesus, my family, and my friends than ever before. Before I was taking over 20 pills a day and drinking and lot of blackouts, everything was so numb, I never knew how messed up I was. I’m grateful to Lord Jesus and NLSR for setting me free.

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