About Our Treatment Program

Are you looking for professional, Christ-centered help? We have been helping men and women for over a decade, and are committed to creating a safe atmosphere to allow God’s redemptive processes to bring life, healing and restoration permanently.

Professional Program

As a California state-certified facility you are assured that we operate with integrity and accountability, without compromising our core beliefs. We are proudly credentialed with various organizations to secure a level of assurance that our processes comply with regulations and the very best practices in the country.


“The proof is in the pudding,” as the saying goes. We are outcome-based and have witnessed amazing, unthinkable transformation in the lives of men and women over the years. We have hundreds of stories of redemption, hope and healing. We encourage you to check out reviews and read our testimonials.

Christian Framework

We treat clients through a 6-Step Christian intervention treatment process that focuses on the physical body, relationships, emotional and mental well being, families, addiction, spiritual warfare and the essential nature of God’s redemptive formulas. This includes:

  1. Assess truth with love– understanding the problem at a systemic level marks the beginning of all change (body, soul and spirit). We house a variety of assessment materials and tools to reveal the problems for the purpose of applying a remedy. We talk language of the heart, and allow people to present their needs and situations authentically, in a nonjudgmental, non-condemning atmosphere. We invite God into this process, and though we have professional counselors, we trust in His guidance.
  2. Treat Root Causes – There are reasons for addictive behavior, and with those reasons come real, actual solutions – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  We assess issues of the past to identify triggers, patterns and areas of trauma. However, we don’t stay in the past. We walk back only to reclaim areas of the heart that were under the influence of lies and hurts. Healing requires feeling, which means part of the process is to face and feel feelings that had been previously medicated. All remedy comes from the power of forgiveness and the reality of God’s constant presence and grace doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Thus, all revelation gained about past injuries will contain a redemptive focus.
  3. Equip – Life skills teach men and women how to walk out the Christian life practically.  Goals, planning and other tools allow men and women to leave prepared with practical, real ways to walk out a life of sobriety. Spiritual growth and intimacy with God is encouraged through the structure of devotional and worship time.
  4. Identify Triggers – A relapse prevention plan must be implemented to identify areas of triggering. This plan is included in the family program and needs the help and support of a planned ongoing recovery support program. No matter how successful a treatment program may be, these triggers contain the potential risks, and they must be openly discussed and validated with action plans in place.
  5. Develop Relationship Skills –  God created us to live in relationships. From our family program, to family education to relationally-oriented classes, our goal is to inject new relationship tools that will allow the addict to begin to approach relationships from a new and fresh perspective. We support healthy families and marriages, and believe it’s God’s heart to implement reconciliation processes.
  6. Plan for Life – A comprehensive plan is written and reviewed with family members (if applicable) to assure the safety, security, boundary structure, expectations and accountability needs of the addict and family members involved.

Want to learn more? Here are the  clinical aspects of our program.

Read “Beyond Sobriety: A Look at the Critical Goals of Long-term Recovery”. 


Customized – You Matter!

Each person is unique.  Our Christian addiction treatment program assesses individual needs to develop a comprehensive, totally customized plan. A minimum of 3 individual therapeutic counseling sessions each week along with family sessions assures that each person that walks through our door is understood, validated and treated as a unique person. These are not “vent” sessions alone – they involve a meticulous planned out treatment plan with goals and projects designed to birth true freedom and peace. Both behind the scenes  and with clients, our team prays for each need presented. Those that are ready for help feel loved, validated and understood by the intensive nature of this process.

Christ-centered Therapeutic Counseling

We have some of the best, most qualified Christian counselors working in the field. They are Master-level professionals with specialized training in addiction through a Biblical worldview. They orchestrate therapy sessions that go after rooted issues, using prayer, application and intense assessment of behavioral, mental, spiritual and emotional patterns. Click here to learn about all the clinical aspects of the program.

Co-Occurring Treatment

New Life Spirit Recovery treats people in the area of body, soul and spirit. We believe each area requires a proper assessment and needs an effective solution. Why we are different from most programs is that we don’t place a pharmaceutical solution onto an emotional or spiritual problem. When addressing co-occurring clients, there are oftentimes physiological imbalances and deficiencies that can mimic the symptoms of a psychiatric disorder (click here to read an article by Dr. Schuder). Our goal is to untangle the root cause of any symptoms, using medication only as a last resort. We treat emotional issue through intensive counseling, and promote spiritual freedom through prayer, bible studies, spiritual workshop and other Christian materials. Physical problems are first diagnosed through the use of exhaustive panels of blood, urine and saliva. Then through a methodical process of elimination, treatment options are given. In some cases, clients need vitamins and other nutritional supplements; in other cases, a medication may be prescribed based test result. Our doctor uses facts, not assumptions to learn how to assist a person with the best opportunity to live a life free from addiction.

In totality, New Life is looking to bring a person into balance emotionally, spiritual and physically, looking at rooted issues in each area, and applying the correct remedy.

Health & Wellness Program

All clients are provided health education classes taught by Dr. Scott Collie, a Christ-centered professional, certified nutritionist and Doctor of holistic medicine. For an additional fee ($975), Dr. Scott offers an exclusive certified nutrition program to NLSR treatment clients that includes intensive 72-panel bloodwork. This highlights most major bodily functions and can help develop a plan of correction of any underlining health issues. This program is wellness oriented, and does not replace the need to receive medical care from a license physician. Rather, this program addresses the needs of the body that can be cared for through diet, exercise and natural supplements. To learn more, click here.

Family Education and Planning Program

Family members are encouraged to be a part of the recovery process. In fact, we believe it’s necessary. Through education and the use of an open, safe dialouge, boundaries, expectations and relapse plans can be safely established. We include individual family sessions and a family recovery planning session as part our treatment program. This paves the pathway to restoration and reconciliation, and gives everyone involved a safe perspective upon program completion. To learn more, click here

Codependence & Relationship Programs

NLSR is a leader in the area of Christian Codependence Recovery. All our clients are exposed to books and resources that disclose the intense nature of relationship breakdowns, and how that corresponds to addiction cycles and patterns in relationships. We focus on a Christ-centered redemptive formula to not just remain abstinence, but to prepare for healthy relationships in the future. Stephanie Tucker, our Family Program Director,  has written these books which are recognized and used nationally in churches, recovery programs and treatment facilities.   Click here to learn about codependence resources.

Residential Guest Housing

Gender-Specific beautiful guest housing is included. This environment provides safety, accountability and structure, with enough freedom to not feel “caged” in. The majority of our clients thrive and blossom in this supportive atmosphere that fosters an ability to get in touch with emotional and spiritual issues. Near downtown Huntington Beach, the Guest Home is the perfect environment to find serenity. Bible studies and step meetings are also offered in the home. Click here for more information.

Client Education – The Association of Christian Alcohol & Drug Counselor Institute

Clients are exposed to a professional, biblically based counselor certification courses through ACADC Institute, an education provider for state certification and international college. Some clients or their family members go on to receive their actual certification. Robert Tucker, our Director, teaches these courses. Click here to learn more.

 Other things to consider

  • Men and women are separated by homes and with separate gender-specific management team – lots of accountability and structure in this environment keeps it positive and safe for everyone
  • Transportation is included for all treatment activities
  • Shopping and other necessary activities are scheduled as needed
  • Transportation to and from our local airport is offered
  • A detoxification service is offered and coordinated in full by NLSR at a separate location. We offer this service at an affordable rate and the transition goes extremely smooth.
  • Co-Occurring / Dual diagnosed Treatment is available. The fee for this service is additional and varies according to each individual’s need. These services are not included in the standard treatment package price listed above.
  • Materials and workshops are provided