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We invite you to come join us as we peer into the heart of God and see His plans for us in relationship with Him and others. God created us for significance and purpose, but often we are attempting to survive rather than thrive spiritually and emotionally. In our efforts to balance, adapt and fix the circumstances and people in our lives, we can feel overwhelmed, stressed and depleted. In the midst of focusing on the needs of others, we neglect our own. We can be motivated by the approval of others, while feeling disconnected to what is happening inside our own heart.

The Christian Codependence Workshops are entirely focused on finding real, authentic intimacy with Jesus Christ. It is through this relationship that we begin to see ourselves and others clearly, understanding our God-given role and function in each relationship. While often we don’t like a label, we will learn that everyone is in some way “codependent,” and the only label we’ll be required to wear is “Child of God.”

The first workshop is based on “The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance. ” It is a spirit-led process of self-confrontation and truth-finding where we will be able to dig deep into harmful patterns and belief systems that have “blocked” us. At the very same time, we will learn the radical and perfect relationship skills formed by our Creator, God. This will enable us over time to find balance, healthy boundaries and move into authentic identity.

Join us in moving past the role of “codependent” and moving on to your purpose as “Child of God.” Visit our blog at or 866-543-3361 to learn more.

Workshops Include:

  • Facing Codependence
  • Family Systems
  • Emotional Strongholds
  • Love Systems
  • Ceasing Control: The Pathway to Surrender
  • Breaking Free From Denial
  • Exposing Shame
  • Receiving the Gift of Forgiveness
  • Offering the Gift of Forgiveness
  • Embracing Identity
  • Building Healthy Boundaries
  • Balancing Principles & Promises

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