Counseling Process

The Counseling Process  – Deep Healing for Addiction, Trauma, PTSD and Rooted Issues

The heart of our program lies in the intensive counseling process. That’s because each person is unique and is dealing with specific trauma and rooted issues specific to their life experiences. Groups, classes and other treatment objectives have a place and a benefit, but long-term sobriety is dependent on a person recognizing their original pain, trauma and other issues of the heart. These are the reasons people began to use in the first place.  These trouble-causing conditions get buried deeper over time but continue to resurface when triggered.  It is not enough to merely treat the symptoms.  The symptoms (addictive behaviors such as substance abuse, porn, sex, codependency, food issues, etc.) are merely informing us that there are deeper issues needing attention.  Those issues are the target in counseling.  They must be exposed, disclosed and properly processed for a true healing to take place.

What does our counseling process accomplish?

We do an intensive assessment to evaluate the history, patterns, specific traumatic events and the outworking of choices and behaviors.

We invite the Father, King Jesus and Holy Spirit into each and every session, knowing it’s God’s leadership and power that ultimately overcomes the hurts in the heart. We open each session with prayer, and close each session in prayer.

We incorporate an understanding of the family, past and present, and help identify re-occurring patterns for the purposes of healing and reconciliation whenever possible

We go through a step by step treatment plan to manage every single relational, traumatic event and relevant issue that surfaces and is unresolved

We help clients connect behaviors, emotions and reactions to original events that had a chain reaction – “feeling to heal.”

We seek to work through and properly process painful events of the past and put a redemptive perspective on it – we use the ultimate healing tools – grace and forgiveness – as the goal.

We use written homework, prayer and interactive tools to access those issues that need healing

We continue to evaluate throughout the counseling process, deeper issues that might warrant additional resources

We develop and train clients to use practical, spiritual and recovery tools to maintain ongoing support and care of the trauma-based or triggering issues and events

We use a holistic approach and believe that the counseling process, with Jesus at the center, seeks to transform the mind, soul and spirit; and as a result, the neurological brain function. The brain is capable of pathway changes as a direct result of the counseling process.

We encourage lifestyle changes, stress management and relapse prevention techniques as support mechanisms

We provide aftercare counseling sessions to help transition from program into real life.

Counseling Process
Counseling Process

Our clinical directors are well known published authors whose materials are used throughout the country and even the world.  New Life Spirit Recovery was established in 2005 and has been recognized by many credible ministries such a Focus on the Family and Calvary Chapel.

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