Learn about our Addiction Treatment Program

Learn more about our  Codependence Intensive Program at Spirit of Life Recovery

Addiction isn’t merely a physical ailment, it affects the whole person. Just the same, the solution isn’t merely sobriety, it’s connection. At New Life, we seek to not only remove chemical or negative behaviors, but replace them with the very relationships God intended to drive a person into freedom and wholeness. This includes a relationship with God, self and others that comes through power of reconciliation.

While in treatment, a significant amount of healing and growth takes place. That’s because the intense counseling process incorporates God’s help while seeking to expose and address the underlying issues that initiate and motivate addictive behavior. How the “battle” is fought after completing treatment is additionally important. Therefore, we don’t want clients to just experience healing, but also receive tools equipping them to help maintain long-term sobriety, wholeness and freedom.

New Life Spirit Recovery’s addiction treatment program incorporates a process of equipping clients with a spiritual, emotional and practical “tool box” to coincide with a long-term recovery plan.

We also include an intensive discharge plan that encourages various levels of aftercare to assure the transition from treatment to home and beyond is successful.

Awareness is the first step towards change.