Freedom from Addiction, Hope for the Future

The Benefits of a Faith-Based Christian Drug Rehab Program

Why choose faith-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation? The answer is because there isn’t true freedom without Jesus at the center. Here’s what freedom offers:

We can be free to make choices. In substance addiction, we lost choices. We became enslaved to the drug of our preference, causing our lives to become centered on the next high. When that force is taken away, we are free to chart the course of a better future. We can make positive, healthy choices by relying on God’s direction and being aided in our spirit to follow His pathways.

We can be free to have healthy relationships. It is impossible to have healthy human relationships when drugs and alcohol are being served as the “first love.”  Drug and alcohol compete with the ability to experience intimacy and to care for the needs of others. When we experience Gods’ love, it empowers us to love others. It helps us to focus on priorities and reminds us of the perils of a life filled with isolation and fear. We learn to be in community and learn the value of those close to us.

We can be free to find purpose, meaning and joy in our lives. Each one of us was born with a purpose in this world that was ordained by God. This has to do with our vocation, ministry and family life. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, we lost our purpose. We became buried under the addiction’s relentless demands for our time, focus and obsession. When God frees us from addiction, we have the opportunity to explore a new way of life. We get to learn who we are, and let God place us in opportunities where we can nurture our skills and gifts.

We can be free to live in our own unique identity without feeling shame or unworthiness.Perhaps the biggest benefit of Christ-centered treatment lies in the fact that Jesus bore our shame so we don’t have live a life of unworthiness. The blood of Jesus cleanses us the from the inside out. It takes away our bad choices and places grace in the deepest internal cavities of pain and struggle. His grace heals us from the hurts of our past, and forgives us for the sin in our heart. Rather than feel inadequate or not enough, Jesus claims us as His beloved, and marks us with forgiveness, hope and redemption.

We can be free to trust in God and His purposes instead of escaping. True Christ-centered treatment is about a relationship with God. It’s not in performing, rule following or being perfect. It’s knowing who we are, and to whom we belong. We rest in a God that loves us, and always seeks our best interest. We learn to trust in our Heavenly Father for support, and cling to Him for comfort.

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