Self Diagnosis

  • Do you depend on emotionally unavailable people to meet your needs?
  • Do you avoid conflict with other people to the point that you can’t speak what you truly feel or ask for what you need?
  • Do you cover up for an irresponsible person in your life, (probably someone under the influence of an addiction) by lying, covering up or “filling in the gap?”
  • Do you do things for other people that they should be doing for themselves? Do you sacrifice your own needs or responsibilities in the process?
  • Do you try to protect a person from emotional pain or consequences, especially if that person is emotionally unstable or under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you directly or indirectly attempt to fix, manage or control another person’s problems, even if you mean it in a loving way?
  • Do you live in constant crisis? Do you feel empty, bored or unimportant when you’re not helping someone or responding to a crisis situation?
  • Do you try to please people in your life by going out of your way to be helpful, thoughtful or caring, and then find yourself angry or discouraged if they don’t respond the way you’d like?
  • Do you tend to migrate towards people that might need your help? Do you have a difficult time asking or receiving help from others?
  • Do you have a difficult time saying “no?”
  • Do you worry about other people’s feelings so much that their problems have a direct affect about how you feel?
  • Do you lose your own interests and identity in close relationships?
  • Are you afraid of being alone? Do you isolate yourself out of fear of close relationships?

If you answered yes, please visit our resources under “Family and Codependence”

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