What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is the process of removing the addictive substance from the physical body. While it is not usually a life-threatening experience, uncomfortable physical symptoms can manifest in a variety of ways as the body goes through the withdrawal phase.

Some choose to “cold turkey” this process at home allowing the substance to work its way out of the body, but without proper support or a defined recovery plan, the chances of long term success are slim. The withdrawals in the detoxification process can be painful and overwhelming, thus triggering a relapse before true recovery begins. There is also the risk of seizures during the detox process. Quite simply, addictions are incredibly powerful and often require medicinal assistance along with professional monitoring.

For most people, the thought of being placed in an institutionalized environment during this process is unpleasant. That’s where a medically managed, yet comfortable residential setting for detoxification can be the perfect alternative.

The residential detox facility option, located just minutes from our treatment center in California offers a variety of medically managed treatment options including Suboxone assisted detoxification to prevent pain and yield the support necessary to develop a long-term recovery plan. You can either choose our option or one of your own. Additional referrals are available upon request. While it truly is the first step, we believe it is the most important one in determining the overall success of sobriety.

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