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There Are No Mistakes In God’s World. We are exactly who He meant us to be. We are all His “work in progress.” Some good news: Those that have been called, and have responded with a yes, have been given the opportunity of a lifetime, a new life in Christ, and should take advantage of this (His) undeserved gift. To read the full article, click here.

Rescued And Delivered from the pits of “hell on earth.” Those achieving success in recovery have come to a realization that recovery is a choice. It re quires a true surrender in a battle we already lost. The battle is already over, yet we still have a seriously hard time putting the gun down and the flag up. To read this full article, click here.

Functioning in a Dysfunctional World. In James 1:3, we clearly see that your troubles test your faith. Not only do they test it, but also exercise it, helping it to grow. We know how exercise works with the physical body. As we exercise, the resistance of the weight causes the muscles to stretch to their limits. They get torn down, and in the process of their recovery, their size and strength increases. The next time, they are able to easily withstand that same resistance, and even more, as the process is practiced over and over again. That is how muscle size (muscle mass) and physical strength are increased. If the body is receiving a proper diet, with exercise, it will grow stronger. To read this full article, click here.

Trust is an Expression of Faith. Moving from step one to step three requires a measure of faith. God is the initial giver of faith, but people’s experience, strength, and hope are, by far, the primary faith builders in program. This is why we are called to give testimony (to share our story), and sometimes the best testimony is one given without words. It is given through power of example. To read this full article, click here.

Deliverance or Recovery? The process is the same when based on biblical truth. One of the first messages Jesus delivered after spending forty days in the desert with Satan was that He came to set the captives free. Recovery is truly a divine appointment. No one has the ability to connect with God unless God allows it. Being in and of this world, we are naturally blind to Him and His truth. If you are here reading this, obviously God is tugging on your heart. No one experiences God’s presence or His love by coincidence. God orchestrates it all. To read this full article, click here.

Love and Obedience, two necessary ingredients in the process called recovery. How could any man possibly live like Christ lived? How would a person go about trying to live as another person lived for that matter? I would imagine the best approach would be to watch that person, and then follow suite. Children do this all the time. They watch their parents and then they mimic them. Sad but true, they even do things such as picking cigarette butts off the ground and sticking them in their mouth, attempting to be like the people they look up to. To read this full article, click here.

We Were Powerless. We become all powerful in Christ. Ever wonder why the word “were” is used rather than “are?” The word “were” is a past tense word, an interesting fact to consider. A significant change takes place as we transition from step one to step three. We move away from the problem towards the solution, from a place of powerless, helpless, and hopeless, to a place of all hopeful and all powerful (in Christ Jesus). To read this full article, click here.

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