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Mental Health and Christianity

What is the right viewpoint for getting help for addiction?

With so much of a focus on mental health in addiction treatment, the question is where is the place for medical help and medicinal support inside a Christian approach? As a Christian organization, we believe the issues people face are systemic. This means they cover all aspects to the human experience: body, soul (emotions, thoughts and choices), and spirit. Without understanding the relationship with these three areas, it becomes literally impossible to diagnose the root problems accurately.  Mental Health is real

If we only seize on the latest and greatest medical research, we can leave out vital parts. Medical doctors look at the physical and tangible parts of the human body. They assess the organic brain and look at the dysfunction and the damage addiction causes. There is nothing wrong with that approach but diagnosing the existence of a physical condition as a symptom, is very different then understanding why it ended up there in the first place.

Ultimately, doctors are trained to treat with medicine, to fix through surgical procedures or to somehow reverse conditions. Thus, when addiction becomes a medical issue, it will be handled in this manner.  Sadly, we are seeing more and more Christians leaning in this direction out of desperation and need. It’s not that it is totally wrong, but it discounts other vital parts.

Treating the symptom instead of the underlying cause

If a person is diagnosed with depression, for example, but has never dealt with or processed through deeply painful issues and trauma of the past, how would a person get better? Then a doctor determines that medication alone is the answer, so a pill is prescribed….  Is that wrong? Not necessarily, but what about all that stuff they are still carrying? Couldn’t it be possible that the pill is just masking and burying the pain instead of dealing with it? Mental Health

These are the areas where a balanced approach needs to be applied. People are unique, and they carry unique problems. At New Life Spirit Recovery, we get into the mess and the reality of what people are carrying inside of them. We interact with that in a variety of ways. Medical and physiological issues are assessed properly. We don’t over-medicate, or under medicate. We medicate where the real need is defined (only for co-occurring program).

But most people have emotional pain that lies behind addiction. When the substance is removed, that pain comes crashing back – and this is where people are vulnerable to relapse. We believe, that true healing is walking through that pain to eliminate the source of it, rather than medicate over it.

Going through the process of healing involves dumping the “garbage” of their condition to apply a long-term solution. This happens through grief and trauma therapy, forgiveness and finding acceptance of others and self. It is driven by the resources of God’s grace, His love and His power. This is not religion! Religion says “this is what you need to do to make God happy so He will help you.” At New Life, we believe God is saying to people, “I want you to come as you are, and give me the deepest pain, regret, shame and hurt you carry. That is where I will heal you”.  Mental Health can kill

Some ways we accomplish this:  Mental Health help

    • We help clients define the root of pain and heal it accordingly – not simply mask the pain but resolve why it is there. We use clinical protocols and spiritual tools to accomplish this. Christianity and Addiction Treatment
    • We help clients find new and better ways to overcome the hardships of life other than medicating the pain. This happens through the introduction of the tools of grief, emotional processing, forgiveness and the receiving of God’s power and His peace.  Mental Health
    • We help clients be aware of what’s broken, missing and vulnerable in life. Treatment should define areas of need and help develop plans to overcome those vulnerable places. Christianity and Addiction Treatment

Addiction is overcome through healthy connection

In totality, the most influential need in a person’s life lies in the area of connection. We are created to be in relationship with God, with ourselves (in a healthy way) and with each other. The ability to give and receive relational resources and intimacy with other people and God is what the human heart craves. We are born with an inbred need to be loved, accepted and to belong. Addiction is simply a false system to bypass that need and trick the body to bring false pleasure or numbing in a moment.  Mental Health

The Christian approach isn’t based on moral living, following rules or being good. Rather, it’s about finding the REAL CONNECTION and feeding the heart what it needs to live whole and healthy, minus substance.

Do you know what you or your family needs in a treatment program? That depends on what you think real healing means  Mental Health

Are you on the fence trying to decide what is right for your situation? If you are a spiritual creation, made in the image of God, it’s safe to say that a spiritual solution MUST be included!  Don’t believe that a medical solution and a pill are the total solution. The total solution comes through God setting hearts back to Him, healing relationships, helping the heart to process pain, forming vision and hope for the future and giving people a new beginning. It may involve medication, but more often than not it doesn’t.

Call us today for a free assessment. We will give you a specific protocol for you or your loved one it, personalize it, and introduce tangible solutions. You or your family will gain more than sobriety – but inner peace, freedom and wholeness.  Christianity helps

Don’t wait – call today! Mental Health Assistance

Our clinical directors are well known published authors whose materials are used throughout the country and even the world.  New Life Spirit Recovery was established in 2005 and has been recognized by many credible ministries such a Focus on the Family and Calvary Chapel.  Christianity is real

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Orange County Recovery – Christian Option

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Addiction is Bondage – Orange County Recovery

Jesus said So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”  (John 8:36)

Get Set Free  Orange County Recovery

Long term sobriety starts with a level of brokenness, a sincere surrender and a willingness to put forth the necessary effort suggested by those that are living examples of true freedom.  There are no shortcuts along this journey.  It is said that “half measures avail us nothing” but it’s only natural for the typical addict or alcoholic to seek an easier, softer way.  When a true level of brokenness becomes obvious to the afflicted one, the path to freedom becomes more attractive.  Reason being, denial is very real and no one seeks a solution for a problem they can’t see or don’t believe exists.  Orange County Recovery works

Moving Beyond Clean & Sober – Orange County Recovery

There is a significant difference between being getting clean and actually participating in the process called recovery. A transition begins to take place once the substance is removed from the body, and only then can recovery effectively begin. Being clean is a term too often misunderstood.  It is merely the condition of a person after detox, before actual recovery begins.  The term clean relates to the physical body, and the term recovery for the most part, focuses on the soul and spirit, encouraging spiritual maturity while addressing issues that include the mind, will and emotions.  Try Orange County Recovery

Understanding the Underlying Causes of Addiction

Once clean, if the process of recovery doesn’t immediately follow, there is a fatal risk present.  Without the comfort of alcohol or drugs, the problems that initially led to substance use are now magnified and blatantly staring them in the face.  Here resides a literal fork in the road, and if recovery doesn’t quickly begin, gravitating back into bondage is almost definite.  There are reasons why people exhibit such self destructive behaviors and there is a absolute guaranteed solution.  The manifestation of addiction will never fully leave unless the deeply rooted initial cause is uncovered and properly processed.

Tools Necessary to Maintain Long-term Freedom

There is a wide variety of options available to help maintain a life free from substance abuse.  The Christian approach has mush more to offer than your typical secular programs.  Choose a Christian program and see how Jesus will forever change your life.  Give Jesus a chance and see how He will forever change your life.  He will break the chains, set you free and transform you into the person you were created you to be.  – Orange County Recovery works

Our clinical directors are well known published authors whose materials are used throughout the country and even the world.  New Life Spirit Recovery was established in 2005 and has been recognized by many credible ministries such a Focus on the Family and Calvary Chapel.  – Orange County Recovery works

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Are you or a friend in need of help? Please contact us or give us a call today: (866) 543-3361  – Orange County Recovery works

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Christian Recovery Has Power

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Christian Recovery Ushers in the Source of Power

Christian recovery is about power. In the midst of an addiction, we are powerless. We are a slave to the obsession to use drugs, alcohol and people to satisfy the compulsive drive within.  In the process, we create major losses and do things we wouldn’t normally do.

When the negative consequences of addiction begin to outweigh the benefits, it can be a divine opportunity for intervention. That’s because victory is found in defeat when God is invited to do what human strength can’t perform. This is the power of true surrender and it’s where Christian recovery begins.

Why Christian Recovery?

Over the years we’ve watched the understanding of Christian recovery erode. Christians have sought other objectives and worldly solutions as the primary vehicle to bring lasting change. While some of those practices are helpful, they don’t give what a person needs the most – the power of God’s spirit living on the inside.

Christian recovery should not be a plea to moral living alone. Nor should it be a “shame fest” that will tell people what’s wrong in their lives.  True Christian recovery accepts a person where they are without judgement. It calls on the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome and realign through a process driven by love. It sees a person’s full potential and recognizes their identity and destiny. When this is invoked in the recovery process, something extraordinary happens. Brokenness meets the power of healing in a wild and extravagant dance called grace.  The most hopeless, the most depleted, the most morally defective person that walks through the door is able to have a new reality established. And that doesn’t happen because rules are given, or the “sins” are listed. It happens because encountering Jesus in broken places leads to life and change. Real change!

Get Help!

At New Life we understand the severity of addiction. We use clinical protocols  to assess the levels of addiction, and treatment programs to deal with rooted issues. But in all things, we trust in the power of God to lead a person out of bondage and into freedom in a way no  human process can perform. The outcomes speak for themselves. We’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of people find hope, healing and new life over the past 15 years.

If you are someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help.  Call us at 866.543.3361 for a private, free consultation.

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Our clinical directors are well known published authors whose materials are used throughout the country and even the world.  New Life Spirit Recovery was established in 2005 and has been recognized by many credible ministries such a Focus on the Family and Calvary Chapel.

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Addiction’s well hidden “cause”

NLSR Add 3 smaller

The “cause” can be well hidden!

Addiction is a manifestation of something going on much deeper within, an expression of a problem that becomes an additional part of the problem, taking on a life of its own, when the initial problem is not properly dealt with.

Addiction knows no bounds.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, employed or jobless, a pastor or prisoner, homeowner or homeless, he’ll take whoever he can get.  The real culprit has everyone playing the “blame game” while he lurks in the shadows preying on God’s creation.

Everyone involved (the addict, family members, employer, etc.) are literal victims in this battle, whether they realize it or not, and are all part of the enemy’s agenda.  Hope appears only when we’re able to see the problem for what it really is and begin to understand there is a solution.

Brokenness is fertile ground for an addiction to thrive, comes in various forms, always has a cause, and manifests in a variety of unpredictable ways. One thing is consistent, the instigator, the underlying culprit is always the same.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy lives. Unfortunately, he works through people, places and things as he influences all sorts of ungodly behavior, and in most cases, remains hidden.

Spiritual battles are never won with physical weapons alone. Humans are three-part beings consisting of a body, a soul (life within) and a spirit. Since all three are part of, all are involved, all are affected, and all three areas require proper attention if wholeness in healing is expected.

If you are struggling or someone you know is struggling in the grips of an addiction, we can help!  Call 866.543.3361 today or visit us at for supportive resources and treatment options, including a free intervention book. We are leaders in Christ centered, clinically based addiction treatment for men and women since 2005.

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Co-occurring Disorders

recovery isnt a destination

There is a purpose for everything, and medication has many good purposes but is often misused and many are hurt by it.

One reason the co-occurring approach is used and quite often abused is that treatment facilities are able gain longer insurance coverage if they diagnose a mental disorder and put the person on psych medication.  This has become the industry norm, and the ones most affected by these unethical practices are the clients, as they are forced to live with the long term effects the medication may have on them.

Truth be told, most people afflicted with an addiction have emotional issues and in almost all situations, the emotional problems existed long before the substance abuse began, and most likely, led to it.

Depending on the substance used, strange behaviors are not uncommon, and in most cases, are temporal and will subside after detox, some sleep, food and proper therapy.  If psych medication is unnecessarily introduced, the ability to reach the emotional issues that contributed to or instigated the problems will only be buried deeper making them harder to locate as the recovery process moves forward.

Visit our Resource Center to learn about specific addiction conditions from a Christian perspective.


Emotional problems are not going to be resolved with medication.  Some symptoms may subside, but their cause is rarely touched. With medication, the cause is suppressed and the only change taking place is how the problem manifests outwardly.  If the oil light in your car came on, you wouldn’t cover it to properly address the cause.  It would be best to find out why the light came on.  Similarly, when we are experiencing anxiety, it would be best to address the cause rather than attempting to cover it up (e.g. medicating it).

At New Life Spirit Recovery, it is not uncommon for person to show up for treatment with numerous psych meds seeking freedom.  An average of eight out of ten people that participate in our co-occurring program leave med free and set free.  In most cases, it’s a physiological or spiritual issue, or a combination of, causing and contributing, rather than merely a mental issue.

If you are, or someone you know is struggling, don’t be hasty.  Properly reach your need and the options available.  Always get references and second and third opinions.  Your life, or someone you love’s life is worth the effort.