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What is the right viewpoint for getting help for addiction?

With so much of a focus on mental health in addiction treatment, the question is where is the place for medical help and medicinal support inside a Christian approach? As a Christian organization, we believe the issues people face are systemic. This means they cover all aspects to the human experience: body, soul (emotions, thoughts and choices), and spirit. Without understanding the relationship with these three areas, it becomes literally impossible to diagnose the root problems accurately.  Mental Health is real

If we only seize on the latest and greatest medical research, we can leave out vital parts. Medical doctors look at the physical and tangible parts of the human body. They assess the organic brain and look at the dysfunction and the damage addiction causes. There is nothing wrong with that approach but diagnosing the existence of a physical condition as a symptom, is very different then understanding why it ended up there in the first place.

Ultimately, doctors are trained to treat with medicine, to fix through surgical procedures or to somehow reverse conditions. Thus, when addiction becomes a medical issue, it will be handled in this manner.  Sadly, we are seeing more and more Christians leaning in this direction out of desperation and need. It’s not that it is totally wrong, but it discounts other vital parts.

Treating the symptom instead of the underlying cause

If a person is diagnosed with depression, for example, but has never dealt with or processed through deeply painful issues and trauma of the past, how would a person get better? Then a doctor determines that medication alone is the answer, so a pill is prescribed….  Is that wrong? Not necessarily, but what about all that stuff they are still carrying? Couldn’t it be possible that the pill is just masking and burying the pain instead of dealing with it? Mental Health

These are the areas where a balanced approach needs to be applied. People are unique, and they carry unique problems. At New Life Spirit Recovery, we get into the mess and the reality of what people are carrying inside of them. We interact with that in a variety of ways. Medical and physiological issues are assessed properly. We don’t over-medicate, or under medicate. We medicate where the real need is defined (only for co-occurring program).

But most people have emotional pain that lies behind addiction. When the substance is removed, that pain comes crashing back – and this is where people are vulnerable to relapse. We believe, that true healing is walking through that pain to eliminate the source of it, rather than medicate over it.

Going through the process of healing involves dumping the “garbage” of their condition to apply a long-term solution. This happens through grief and trauma therapy, forgiveness and finding acceptance of others and self. It is driven by the resources of God’s grace, His love and His power. This is not religion! Religion says “this is what you need to do to make God happy so He will help you.” At New Life, we believe God is saying to people, “I want you to come as you are, and give me the deepest pain, regret, shame and hurt you carry. That is where I will heal you”.  Mental Health can kill

Some ways we accomplish this:  Mental Health help

    • We help clients define the root of pain and heal it accordingly – not simply mask the pain but resolve why it is there. We use clinical protocols and spiritual tools to accomplish this. Christianity and Addiction Treatment
    • We help clients find new and better ways to overcome the hardships of life other than medicating the pain. This happens through the introduction of the tools of grief, emotional processing, forgiveness and the receiving of God’s power and His peace.  Mental Health
    • We help clients be aware of what’s broken, missing and vulnerable in life. Treatment should define areas of need and help develop plans to overcome those vulnerable places. Christianity and Addiction Treatment

Addiction is overcome through healthy connection

In totality, the most influential need in a person’s life lies in the area of connection. We are created to be in relationship with God, with ourselves (in a healthy way) and with each other. The ability to give and receive relational resources and intimacy with other people and God is what the human heart craves. We are born with an inbred need to be loved, accepted and to belong. Addiction is simply a false system to bypass that need and trick the body to bring false pleasure or numbing in a moment.  Mental Health

The Christian approach isn’t based on moral living, following rules or being good. Rather, it’s about finding the REAL CONNECTION and feeding the heart what it needs to live whole and healthy, minus substance.

Do you know what you or your family needs in a treatment program? That depends on what you think real healing means  Mental Health

Are you on the fence trying to decide what is right for your situation? If you are a spiritual creation, made in the image of God, it’s safe to say that a spiritual solution MUST be included!  Don’t believe that a medical solution and a pill are the total solution. The total solution comes through God setting hearts back to Him, healing relationships, helping the heart to process pain, forming vision and hope for the future and giving people a new beginning. It may involve medication, but more often than not it doesn’t.

Call us today for a free assessment. We will give you a specific protocol for you or your loved one it, personalize it, and introduce tangible solutions. You or your family will gain more than sobriety – but inner peace, freedom and wholeness.  Christianity helps

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Our clinical directors are well known published authors whose materials are used throughout the country and even the world.  New Life Spirit Recovery was established in 2005 and has been recognized by many credible ministries such a Focus on the Family and Calvary Chapel.  Christianity is real

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