Christian Treatment Versus Christian Track

Christian Treatment Vs. Christian Track

You are a Christian looking for a Christ-centered solution in treating an addiction and you are confused about the different options.  We can give you clarity about what true Christian treatment includes.

Some clarity about a Christian Track – Christian Treatment

Christian Tracks, although they have value, are the alternative option for someone to add a Christian emphasis onto an otherwise secular program. More often than not, a Christian Track means you are allowed to use Jesus Christ as your Higher Power. It also offers you the option to add a church and perhaps have a chaplain meet with you to pray or discuss the spiritual side of your life. While all relevant and helpful, it’s vital to understand that a Christian Track is not the core of most programs, but a very small add-on feature.

A better understanding of what a true Christian program is?

A Christian program utilizes a Biblical world view approach and is Biblically based at the foundation level. It doesn’t intend to discriminate against non-believing seekers of help, but rather caters specifically to a Christian audience who seeks this point of view. This is extremely helpful for the Christian who wants to be in a setting of fellowship. In a Christian program, the Bible is the source of authority rather than theory, and all curriculum, groups, goals, and most important the individualized counseling process center around God’s truth. Prayer is an important part of the entire program, as reliance on God is emphasized above any human effort.

Is a Christian program professional? Christian Treatment

Christian programs can be professional and credentialed like any other program. Clinical aspects of a program include the process of assessing and treating the addiction itself. It assures that processes are followed, goals are maintained and results are measurable. From a Christian standpoint all this can occur with a trained, professional staff knowledgeable both about addiction, and about Christ-centered solutions.

Does a Christian program believe addiction is a disease?

Yes and no. Some Christian programs only use the Bible. But many are far more balanced. Most professional Christian programs believe all problems of mankind have a root of sin, thus addiction is a sin disease before it’s a medical problem. But that doesn’t negate the reality of the physical side of addiction. Just the same, it doesn’t minimize that human beings experience emotional damage. In truth, addiction affects three parts of a person: body, soul and spirit. All three areas need to be addressed in the healing/treatment process.

Does Christian counseling differ from secular therapy?

A Christian counselor is equipped with the Holy Spirit (the true counselor) living inside them to break the power of strongholds. This provides discernment and spiritual wisdom that can’t be taught in a textbook. However, a Christian counselor still needs to follow structure, a plan and a clinical treatment pathway. Many programs use cognitive behavioral therapy. We very much agree with this – this involves finding false messages and beliefs and then replacing them with positive, truth-based messages. Finding lies and misconceptions is a valid part of overcoming addiction.  However, God’s Word and the Holy Spirit are the messenger of those truths, rather than just a human perspective.  Christian Treatment is best.

I’m a Christian and a failure, will I be judged?

First of all, failure is an inappropriate word when dealing with this affliction.  We are all a work in progress.  Christian treatment uses God’s Word as the authority, but under the anointing of God’s grace and the hope of healing. Jesus didn’t come to judge, but to redeem. That is the basic pattern of restoring believers who have fallen into addiction. Everyone in the program is going through the same thing, and everyone shared the same hope. Facing truth can be difficult, and allowing God to expose the things in our heart that needs cleansing and change takes courage and humility. But the results are powerful, and they lead us into the life God designed. A true Christian program would not shame someone for their sin, nor excuse it.  They would be asked to confront it, and then seek the power of grace to overcome. This is known as repentance and it is the pathways of finding God’s power and love.

Do I really need to be around other Christians?

Christians in recovery commonly share a biblical belief, but also have been humbled by God’s grace. Thus, this isn’t like attending a church service or formal Christian event. Everyone has fallen short, and most are wanting restoration. For the struggling Christian or seeker of faith, an environment of open Christ-centered fellowship is an overwhelming benefit. When programs put everyone in the same program and then separate out the few who want a Christian worldview, division can occur. Rather than be safe, there can be the need to defend basic beliefs. Christian programs, including New Life Spirit Recovery will welcome anyone who want a biblical point of view. Thus, many people meet Jesus in program for the first time.

Need help in making a decision about choosing a secular Christian track versus Christian program? Please call us and talk to a professional intervention counselor who can better share the program content or help you find a program suitable to your needs. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can.  Christian Treatment helps!

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