Intravenous Drug Abuse

The Dangers of IV Intravenous Drug Abuse

Most IV drug abuse begins through less direct methods of administration like smoking or ingesting the substance. But as dependence increases and addicts seek stronger, faster highs, they often consider or begin abusing drugs such as heroin or cocaine through intravenous injection (IV drug use).  It typically starts out innocently but eventually is taken to such levels of bondage that lead to the type of self-abuse and negligence shown here in this picture. IV Intravenous Drug Abuse can kill.

IV Intravenous Drug Abuse
IV Intravenous Drug Abuse

This type of bondage is very real, and the imposed grip it places upon an individual can become too tight to overcome without outside assistance. The turnaround typically requires more than a mere desire to quit as they blindly inch towards death.  The person that is afflicted eventually forms a one-track mind on a mission with only one underlying agenda; doing whatever it takes to acquire the substance while inflicting havoc upon anyone along the way. This is a not easily explained ruthless form of bondage that always leads to some form of pain and suffering.  Some of the fruits of the affliction are destroyed marriages, broken homes, loss of employment, career loss, financial devastation, emotional and spiritual disconnect, organ damage and eventually death. IV Intravenous Drug Abuse kills

Cellulitis is an infection that commonly affects IV drug abusers who inject drugs and can eventually lead to the loss of limbs, sepsis and death. An unsterile needle or unsterile substance injected into the body can easily carry the infection causing bacteria.  Cellulitis is a type of infection that affects the skin and the tissue underneath the outer layer of skin leading to the so-called “flesh-eating disease.” IV Intravenous Drug Abuse is dangerous

Depending on the severity of the infection, hospitalization with intravenous antibiotics may be necessary. If treated during the initial stages of the infection, the damaged flesh may heal within seven to ten days, and since the damage is initially below the surface, the damaged caused may remain unseen.  In severe situations where major areas of flesh are involved, treatment will include surgically removing the dead flesh and skin grafting may be necessary. IV Intravenous Drug Abuse

Other dangers of IV drug abuse are abscesses, endocarditis, seizures, heart valve damage, heart attacks, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, collapsed veins and cardiovascular disease. IV Intravenous Drug Abuse  

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