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There is Significant Value in a Christian Drug Rehab

New Life Spirit Recovery is a Christian drug rehab treatment center designed for those looking for a Christ centered approach to freedom from addiction.  Along with a new found freedom comes healing, restoration and reconciliation to God, family, and to one’s own self-worth and dignity; in a safe and comfortable beach city setting.  The term “higher power” is commonly used in treatment, and in a secular program, it can be anything the individual chooses to put their hope in (i.e. a door knob, crystals or a person). In a “true” Christian drug rehab, Jesus holds that position.  He is the Helper, Comforter, and source of all sustaining power.

Successful treatment requires a measure of faith.  Most people entering treatment are stepping into uncharted waters and are putting their faith in someone for something they have not yet experienced.  The Bible tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for, things not yet seen…. (or experienced).

Christian Treatment in a Clinical Setting

We are a Christian program in a clinical environment that utilizes an intensive Biblically based counseling approach along with Christ-centered curriculum as a pathway to inner healing.  Our facility specializes in dealing with the rooted issues underlying addiction and codependent behaviors. We believe each person’s challenges are unique and a personalized counseling approach is a necessity.  If you are looking for a Christian drug rehab that utilizes highly skilled state certified counselors, trained to counsel using Biblical principles, New Life Spirit Recovery is the place.  Those who desire a Christ centered approach find exactly what they are looking for.  The program incorporates a healthy balance of intensive counseling, educational classes, group settings, Bible studies and church services.   A typical program schedule may include:

  • Daily Christian devotionals
  • Workshops
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Bible studies
  • Worship services
  • Health & Wellness classes
  • Codependency classes
  • Relapse Prevention classes

Get Set Free to Prosper

Addiction is literally bondage!  In addition to providing a supportive environment, the program incorporates Christian principles into all aspects of recovery and uses a Biblical approach to counsel participants to overcome denial, embrace the principles of forgiveness, and to find the hope and strength in Jesus Christ to become free from addiction and able to live the life God intended.

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Family Help

Our family program is available to everyone in treatment.  This includes private counseling sessions to a family member to assist in the transition back home when treatment is complete.   Click here to find additional help for those struggling with understanding the real battle that takes place behind the scenes.  Our book, Christian Families in Recovery can give you insight as to what you are up against and some practical tool to help.   This book can be purchased through our bookstore or directly from Amazon.

Codependence Treatment

Although we are primarily known as a Christian drug rehab, we also specialize in treating codependency.  Our 30/60/90 day Christian codependence program is available for those in need of help with codependent issues.

Our clinical directors are well known published authors whose materials are used throughout the country and even the world. New Life Spirit Recovery was established in 2005 and has been recognized by many credible ministries such a Focus on the Family and Calvary Chapel.

We’re Here to Help

Are you or a friend in need of help? Please contact us or give us a call today: (866) 543-3361

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