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With the opiate and addiction crisis underway, most know that the goal of treatment is to maintain a long-term lifestyle change of sobriety.  Always make sure relapse prevention measures are incorporated within the treatment program.  Treatment in and of itself isn’t successful until it is brought back home and implemented into day to day life. While our relapse rates are lower than national averages, it’s something that we very carefully address. It’s our desire to let every client and family entering program know beforehand how we seek to accomplish a relapse free program. Ways to prevent relapse:

Relapse prevention begins on day 1 and lasts a lifetime. Here are some of the key ingredients: 

  • A strong treatment program is completed that addresses rooted issues (the “why” of addiction), new coping tools {the “how” do I manage problems in life) and long-term goal development (vision beyond the here and now). How this is accomplished will vary by programs, but at New Life Spirit Recovery we believe that intense one-on-one personalized treatment in conjunction with a family program best addresses those internal need. That’s why we provide a comprehensive assessment, 12 individual sessions every 30 days, 3 individual family sessions and a joint family planning session. We teach step by step relapse prevention mechanisms.
  • A strong discharge and family plan is developed that will include daily, step by step plans to walk out a sobriety plan with the support of the right family, friends and outside resources. Areas of weakness and vulnerability will be addressed before the discharge to pre-plan potential pitfalls that could sabotage sobriety. This discharge plan will be developed and signed by the client. If applicable, the discharge plan can also be addressed within the family planning session.
  • A strong aftercare program is implemented that follows the client home and assures that needs defined, and plans developed are implemented into practical, real life. Aftercare is about connecting to local resources to replace the structured environment of treatment. It does NOT replace treatment, as treatment is where clients receive medical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational care in an intensive environment. Aftercare is simply downgrading the level of structured care offered and having the client be in a position to make personal decisions. Unlike other programs, our 30-day aftercare transitional program is FREE! It involves one session a week where recovery goals are reviewed, and any arising issues are addressed. Additional counseling is made available for a fee. Prevent relapse before

Here are the most common reasons people fail to remain sober: Prevent Relapse


Not properly processing problems of the past, internal wounds and the hurts and habits of the heart. When these haven’t been processed and given a remedy, they end up being recycled right back into everyday life. This is why intensive counseling is so critical and so often misunderstood. Counseling is not a support session – but life healing therapy. Prevent relapse before


Make sure program has enough depth to absorb the triggering issues that need to be addressed. This includes traumatic events, ways a person has been violated, significant relationship struggles, personal guilt and the healing of a healthy self-image from the perspective of Father God’s heart.


Unhealthy relationships that either expose a person to a substance or lack the encouragement of sobriety can instigate relapse


  • Develop a list of safe people that will be the focus of relationships following program
  • Develop a list of relationships that either need better boundary structures or need to be ended altogether. Work on each relationship need prior to discharge.
  • Pre-plan for potential triggering events and maintain safe spaces where accountability and support can be offered 24/7.  Prevent relapse before


Depression, lack of purpose and perpetual loss of luster


It’s vital a person deal with the internal issues as well as physiological roots. Whether it be mental health services or a health and wellness program, the goal of treatment is that body, soul and spirit be addressed inside treatment, and then followed through after. Finding a healthy recovery and a spiritual group to grow with is vital as gaining a sense of the future in a positive way is one of the best relapse preventions possible.


Not implementing a structured recovery plan long-term


At New Life, we consider aftercare planning to be life and death quite literally. We asses when and if a person is ready to leave structured care, and then recommended specific protocols and follow through to make that transition safe. In aftercare counseling, we will most seek to assure that aftercare has been implemented. This includes securing a sponsor, finding recovery groups, attending follow-up medical visits. attending ongoing treatment classes, and anything else the counselor deems appropriate.


Doesn’t want to be sober and isn’t ready for change.


When someone resists the process of recovery and isn’t ready to implement change, it can be challenging to help.  If a person is in our program, it’s vital that family encourage they complete it NO MATTER WHAT. Our staff is very skilled in working with people that don’t necessarily want or think they need help. We speak truth in love, and work to untangle the lies they have believed. Most often we are able to get through to a degree.  Usually, inside a structured program everyone is touched. However, if you are recognizing a lack of interest in sobriety upon completion of the program, there are some important things that need to be implement. First, the family/friend that is supporting the addict needs strong and healthy boundaries as to not allow or encourage negative choices. Those choices can’t be forced or controlled, but you can stop all forms of enabling. This is what we teach family members in a practical step by step way inside our family education program.

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Our clinical directors are well known published authors whose materials are used throughout the country and even the world.  New Life Spirit Recovery was established in 2005 and has been recognized by many credible ministries such a Focus on the Family and Calvary Chapel.

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