Whoever shapes your choices determines your destiny

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“The essence of God’s love to us is expressed through free will. God gave us the incredible gift of choice that allows us to decide how to interact with Him and others. Had God not offered us this relational style, we’d be enslaved to Him by force. We’d be like pre programmed machines used to perform a function rather than engage intimately and through love. Therefore, while God desires that we give Him control, He makes it optional. He is a leader who respects His followers and doesn’t “cram” Himself down their throats.
When God isn’t in control, a human system takes His place of authority. In fact, when we aren’t allowing God to be in control, it often means we are in the operating seat. Or we may have allowed someone or something else to make decisions on our behalf. Human-controlled structures will always bring damage. That’s because human beings could never offer the resources God Almighty provides! Even the most well-intentioned human lacks the wisdom, pure love and power to act on our behalf. Imagine comparing the strength of a gnat with that of a lion.-there is no comparison! Comparing human strength with God’s power is insanely ridiculous. God is the Potter; we are the clay. The clay can’t independently grow in beauty and design unless it is allowed to be shaped by the Maker.”
-Christian Families in Recovery